Save on your energy bills: use an energy-efficient transformer!

You can reduce your energy consumption by 20%. This is one of the objectives of the 20-20-20 plan of the European Union. It implies efforts by industry to improve the energy efficiency of products.

EREA can help you in this regard. How? With our blue e³ transformers.

Energy-efficient transformers: what are they?

Industrial transformers of the blue e³ range are energy-efficient transformers. They therefore have lower energy losses. They have been highly successful since their introduction.

Find out everything about our energy-efficient transformers.

How you benefit

  • Lower operating costs through reduced energy losses.
  • Fewer voltage drops at full load due to lower internal resistance.
  • Resistance to high ambient temperatures.
  • Reduced heating up of the ambient area due to reduced losses.
  • Reinforced insulation also makes them suitable for use as protection transformers.

In short, lower energy bills. Furthermore, you will fully recover your initial investment.

Save with an energy efficient transformer!

Do you have any questions about our blue e³ transformers?

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