Innovative charging stations for e-bike sharing

The use of bicycles for transport purposes has become fashionable, not only privately but also for public shared use. Given the increasing popularity of electric bicycles, networked transport is gaining an extra dimension as it opens up new opportunities which had previously never been available. EREA Energy Engineering has joined forces with Blue Mobility to look into the development of innovative charging stations for electric shared bicycles in an urban context. Through this interactive platform, EREA Energy Engineering is also seeking innovative solutions on various fronts (concept, design, implementation, materials and technologies) and the company is helping to find a suitable solution to the daily transport problem. The project is an Olympus initiative, one of the five platforms of the Flemish testing ground for electric vehicles, and the first phase will be rolled out in the 4 Olympus cities: Antwerp, Leuven, Hasselt and Ghent.

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There is no doubt about it, the trend towards electric vehicles is here to stay. Motorists who purchase such a vehicle also need a charging station. But there lies the rub, as Belgium has an atypical grid.