How do you maintain the mains voltage at a stable 230 V?

How do you maintain the mains voltage at a stable 230 V?

The voltage is not stable in all parts of the electrical grid. In practice, this means that mains voltages can fluctuate. There are many reasons. For example, the presence of solar panels in a residential area can drive up the voltage.

To regulate such fluctuating mains voltage, EREA has an automatic voltage regulator called the AC Voltage Regulator (AVR).

The benefits of an AC Voltage Regulator

EREA voltage regulators absorb fluctuations from 195 V to 265 V at the input. This is in order to create a very stable output voltage of 230 V. These voltage regulators can also be used as automatic voltage regulators to maintain a constant voltage from a generator with changing load.

How to choose the power (VA) of a Voltage Regulator?

The rule of thumb for making a quick estimate is to add 20% to the specified power (W). You can use this 20% estimate for your everyday household appliances. To choose the (apparent) power of the regulator for industrial applications in which the power factor is involved, we recommend you add 35% to the specified power.

Questions about Voltage Regulators?

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