Customized LED and halogen solutions from Niko

Many people know Niko mainly as a manufacturer of switching materials, access control, lighting control and home automation systems. But not everyone knows that Niko also develops and manufactures LED solutions.

Until 2011 Niko's customized LED and halogen solutions were sold under the name ‘EREA’. EREA was a subsidiary of the Niko Group. Because in past years the Niko Group had too many different brands on the market, a decision was made to group all of the brands with the same customers under 1 brand name: Niko. The EREA industrial transformers remain on active the market.
Since 01-01-2014 EREA does not longer belong to the Niko Group. EREA industrial transformers activity continues as from 01-01-2014 on its own (MBO - Management Buy Out) taken over by the current management team. From now on EREA will operate independently as EREA Energy Engineering BVBA.

The customized LED and halogen solutions can now be found on the Niko website No matter how complex an idea seems, Niko always comes up with the right, custom-designed total solution.

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