EREA Transformers

EREA transformers

Erea transformator SPT 16000

We sell 2 main kinds of transformers

Transformers for increasing or decreasing an alternating voltage and/or for the galvanic separation of the primary and secondary circuits.

High power transformers used in three-phase high-voltage grids to change the voltage level.

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There is no doubt about it, the trend towards electric vehicles is here to stay. Motorists who purchase such a vehicle also need a charging station. But there lies the rub, as Belgium has an atypical grid.

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Blue e³

Nature needs us to use the available resources carefully and to reduce the negative impact of harmful substances on the environment. It is a challenge that is high on the European Union’s agenda.

The launch of the blue e³ product line is EREA Energy Engineering’s response to the 20/20/20 goals.

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Charging poles for electric cars

There is no doubt, the rise of electric cars is unstoppable. Drivers who purchase such a car, will require the infrastructure to charge their vehicle. Erea has all the required expertise in-house, to meet that demand.

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